TheVoipDialer software

Help your Friend to replace the number.


spoof phone number


  • Sound recording playing to “client”
  • Calls to any kind of phones
  • Parallel dialing
  • Continuous dialing
  • The list of bad numbers + statistics of spam
  • It is not necessary to start additional programs
  • Possibility to use any of a great number of SIP providers
  • Automatic transition between sip operators
  • number substitution
  • TheVoipDialer can be useful to business, can it is useful for revenge to competitors, will help to revenge neighbors, revenge to the ex-girlfriend, to revenge the ex-boyfriend, and also you can think up for what it to use
  • If you don’t use voip as a telephony , i suggest you to try trial SIP account which can make call and also spoofing numbers.

How to work?

  • Are registered on any site hoarsed the operator (, or any other).
    The majority hoarsed operators give or free money for the account or free calls (for dough will suffice and can and for work)
  • 1) Pass to a tab “connection settings” and press the add button.
    Fill (data which to you a distance at registration on a site hoarsed the operator)
    Server (example,
  • 2) On a tab the main enter phone (an example +19038888888) and a name and press to “Add”
  • 3) Press the Be connected button then the Call button
  • It is ready.
  • For any questions text to here
  • Look also an autodialer for skype TheSkypeDialer

Download VOIP auto dialer