Skype autodialer

TheSkypeDialer – Skype autodialer, Automated dialing software
The powerful system of telephone attack which will force your Friend to replace the number.


Skype autodialer


  • Calls to any kind of phones
  • Continuous dialing
  • The list of bad numbers + statistics of spam
  • Attack through sms on mobile phones by icq
  • Program drops all aswered calls instantly, so skype money are not used


  • Start your skype, account should have enough money for at least one outgoing call (5-20 cents)
  • Make sure you skype is ONLINE
  • Start TheSkypeDialer, press “Connect” button. If you run it first time on that Skype account there will be a Skype pop-up window asking wheather to allow TheSkypeDialer to control Skype – press “Allow”.
  • In the TheSkypeDialer window fill up the full phone number of person to call with the country and area codes and some name or a marker for that number. Press “Add Number” button below. Add more names and numbers if needed.
  • When ready press “Call” button.
  • Calls will start immediately, unless you preset a specific time range in the “Time Interval” window.
  • Note: the Program was tested on SKYPE versions 4.2, it is recommended to use this version, but can be used on all others under condition of sufficient computer speed.
  • For any questions contact here
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  • We have a flood servise look here spam phone mobiles

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