TheSkypeDialerV – Skype informant

Autodialer can be applied both to flood and to autocall-down about informing of the client through the text or a sound recording. The powerful system of phone informant.


autodialer for skype


This is an application which allows you to repeatedly call any number (or list of numbers) free of charge until the call is answered, at which point any message you choose can be played to the recipient using a synthesised voice. This is great for telemarketing, getting a message to your customers or just to get a message to someone who never answers their phone.
TheSkypeDialerV runs completely unattended and provides anonymous, automated calling using your Skype account.

Usage Instructions:

  • Download and install TheSkypeDialerV
  • Log in to your Skype account
  • Run TheSkypeDialerV using the desktop shortcut or by going to Start->All Programs->TheSkypeDialerV
  • On first usage you will need to enter your licence key given to you on the download screen to activate the software
  • Click ‘allow’ when Skype asks you if TheSkypeDialerV should be allowed to connect with Skype.
  • Browse for a file containing a list of numbers
  • Enter a message to be played to the recipient or load an audio file and press start.
  • Relax and go and do something else while TheSkypeDialerV does your calling for you


  • Start your skype, account should have enough money for at least one outgoing call (5-20 cents)
  • Make sure you skype is ONLINE
  • Start PhoneKiller, press “Connect” button. If you run it first time on that Skype account there will be a Skype pop-up window asking wheather to allow PhoneKiller to control Skype – press “Allow”.
  • In the PhoneKiller window fill up the full phone number of person to call with the country and area codes and some name or a marker for that number. Press “Add Number” button below. Add more names and numbers if needed.
  • When ready press “Call” button.
  • Calls will start immediately, unless you preset a specific time range in the “Time Interval” window.
  • Note: the Program was tested on SKYPE versions 4.2, it is recommended to use this version, but can be used on all others under condition of sufficient computer speed.
  • For any questions text to here
  • Look also an sip auto dialer TheVoipDialer

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